Gros Disque

Out October 6


Combining sharp guitars and nebulous keyboards with Afro percussions and groovy bass lines, GROS COEUR delivers a wave of tropical psychedelic rock that will leave you uplifted. The project was born at the dawn of 2022, from the fusion of Adrien (Alaska Alaska, Wyatt E), Alexandre (Alaska Gold Rush, Ada Oda), Julien (Walking Ghost Phase, Noi) and Jimmy (OSH). With only one track revealed, “Java”, an anthem to partying or an irresistible invitation to dance, the group performs on prestigious club and festival stages: from the Nuits du Botanique in Brussels, to the Micro Festival in Liège, passing through Les 4 Ecluses in Dunkirk or the Supersonic in Paris. In just a few months of existence, GROS COEUR has rolled up its sleeves and unleashed its contagious energy on stage, riding on the enthusiastic word-of-mouth of a growing audience. In June 2022, the band was fired up for the studio. “Gros Disque”, their first 5-tracks release on the Liège-based Jaune Orange label, is set to be released in October 2023.