Boogie Drugstore is a PR and communications agency founded in 2010 by Justine Debicki and Thomas Rousseau – two French indie fans who decided to launch a human-sized boutique to work in a field they loved.



It started with a wish to see what was happening abroad. Feeling limited in France, Justine and Thomas set their sights on Northern Europe. They travelled through Denmark, Finland and Norway, from micro-clubs to huge festivals, exploring an indie scene unlike any known in France. They returned, suitcases filled with musical pearls – a small treasure they were excited to show off as soon as they got back.

Often, groups did not have their sights set on France. Sometimes they were without a manager or record label. They would come to Paris to play, and with Justine and Thomas’ help could meet key industry figures: journalists, labels or bookers. The whole of Europe soon became a home base for Boogie Drugstore, a base which would allow them to travel yet further afield – to the United States, Canada, South America and beyond.


A Bespoke Aproach

Boogie Drugstore is a label that does not release records. At the heart of the agency is a passion for discovery. The psychedelic sounds of yesteryear have paved the way for more adventurous projects. Guided by their incisive musical intuition, Justine and Thomas have nurtured the experimental and electronic, with high quality production values at the core.

At Boogie Drugstore, there is also a wish to offer artists something extra – a visual showcase for each project. This is the work of the illustrator Julie Marchal, with her fantastical universes populated by small, wry characters. Her graphic signature is a seal of quality and originality which is recognizable in the blink of an eye.




Boogie Drugstore is of course a PR company but it also aims to be a welcoming structure, one that listens. Careful thought ensures that the right tools are brought to any project. A personal service is provided with honesty, endurance and a little daring. The agency doesn’t frantically sign up as many artists as possible – Boogie Drugstore only pledges to defend artists that it cares for. And when Boogie commits, Boogie goes all the way, with loyalty and integrity.



Boogie Drugstore is a tailor-made address where artists are understood and appreciated. A neighborhood store where you can come and sit by the hearth, with

sturdy wooden furniture and pastries, where a needle delicately touches upon vinyl and original, heartwarming sounds take shape amidst the crackles.


Thomas Rousseau

Promotion presse & radios périphériques

Justine Debicki

Promotion TV & radios nationales

erwan julé

Promotion web & médias locaux