Françoiz Breut


Out April 19, 2024

62 Records

Straight out of the Flux-Flou de la Foule, urban landscapes with curved souls, Françoiz plunges her hands back into the teeming soil of the infinitely small, infinitely concrete. Vif ! scheduled for release on April 19, 2024 (62 records / [pias] ) is a volte-face by an artist who, after exploring the city, feels the need to break through the asphalt and proclaim an ode to verse. The watchword of the next album: organic.


Marked by the clear compositions and arrangements of Marc Mélia (keyboards), François Schulz (bass-guitar) and Roméo Poirier (drums), Vif ! is a natural extension of the artistic energy of the previous album.


Vif ! is a spontaneous symphony in response to the energy of the city and the instinctive detachment from the “right now, right away” that it can generate in us. Françoiz invites you into the heart of a sensory fresco that evokes the mysterious nature that lurks in our very cells. Each track on the album guides us through a metamorphosis in which the human soul frees itself of its ties and merges with the rugged beauty of leafy giants.