Squirrel Flower

Planet EP

Out January 28th 2022

Full Time Hobby

This new EP is a compilation of self-recorded demos of songs that are as yet unreleased, two of which were part of the Planet (i) studio session. Williams’ beautiful voice remains at the forefront, with instrumentation that’s both layered and minimal – acoustic guitar, twinkling piano, synth, and the ambient sounds of the city overheard in the background while Williams was recording. On her cover of Björk’s Homogenic standout, ‘unravel’, Williams highlights the iconic vocal melody in a blanket of reverb and fuzz. As with her previous covers of Tom Waits and Caroline Polachek, Williams once more proves that she is capable of taking on ambitious covers and making them completely her own.


The Planet EP is an intimate look at what makes Williams one of the strongest and most prolific songwriters of the new decade. “I’ve always felt that the pieces and process and secrets behind a finished record are the most important parts,” says Williams. “Most of these songs showcase my own production and exact vision, my first time in a long time releasing music that I’ve produced alone. Releasing this EP is an exercise in self trust and experimentation. Not all songs need to be precious and kept for the exact right time, not all recordings need to be perfect.”