Futuro Pelo


Out June 1st 2018

Pain Surprises / Delicieuse Records

Benjamin Sportès is 50 years old. Good news, he doesn’t sound like it !
His last 15 years have been devoted to a project that whistles to a lot of people ears : Sporto Kantès, a duo he produced dozens of hits


Futuro Pelo is the new solo project of Benjamin Sportès.
Cleverly chopped samples, lyrics in French and tribute to the yéyés, he delivers poppy and catchy gems. Along with Mr. Bouche who will follow him everywhere on his artworks and videoclips, like an imaginary friend he likes to draw and to give voice to whenever he feels like it.
His first EP comes out on Pain Surprises / Délicieuse Records, an unprecedented alliance of young people around an old hand. A dream team who’s having a ball !